Our export business

We export Our products and services in more than 70+ countries across the globe.

Sonik GPS is a leading award winning company in India with a global presence It has made rapid progress and built a strong foothold with
the top class products and technological innovations in the Indian market. We have become the most famous company in the GPS
tracker industry in India and export our products and solutions to the foreign market also. Our focus is on understanding the needs
of the customers in Indian market. This policy has helped us to prepare the suitable ground for its products in the African and
Asian markets where the GPS tracker products needs were as similar as that o India.

We have our presence in more than 70 countries across different geographies, Sonik GPS has built up its network which is of over 400+
dealers and distributors worldwide Our company gives you the manufacturing facilities in different locations in India. We regularly
hold dealers and distributor meets for their international channel partners.

Support Help Line :
+91 8824866866 (INDIA),
+1-877-346-6006 (US/CANADA)
Sales: +91 9829073554, 9660094554