Managing Vehicles with a Sonik GPS Tracking System Saves Time and Money



Sonik GPS provides the power of being able to track the Ambulance Fleet from the central location. This will help the hospital to send the Ambulance to the next place of need without first it's coming back to the Hospital and moving to the next destination. This will help not only improving the productivity but will also result in giving more satisfaction to the patients by reaching the spot in shortest possible time. By setting Geo-sensing Hospital can get advance signal for getting ready for the patient handling.

Hospital Ambulance Fleet Managers can quickly deploy this tracking solution with minimal upfront investment. You have to just buy tracking device, insert GPRS enabled SIM card in the device, and start tracking the fleet (having device installed in it) anywhere on the earth on any computer terminal connected to the Internet by using their secure ID and password connectivity.

The benefit of this Sonik GPS tracking system is that emergency system dispatchers can identify and dispatch the closest emergency vehicle, meaning the response time to emergencies is greatly reduced. In emergency situations, every minute counts.

Sonik GPS is the ultimate in GPS fleet tracking systems designed to cut costs, increase workforce productivity, improve customer service, stop wasteful driving habits and reduce carbon dioxide emissions. GPS fleet tracking system helps you to do your part to protect our planet while saving time and money.

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