Managing Vehicles with a Sonik GPS Tracking System Saves Time and Money


Onsite support staff Tracking System

Corporate tracking, in a nutshell, is when the whereabouts and movements of employees and staff members are tracked via a GPS or Global Positioning System tracking device. A GPS tracking system will enable employers to see exactly where their employees have been, which route they have taken and how many stops they have made on the journey.

How does Corporate Tracking Work? The networks of satellites, which are orbiting the earth, send out global positioning information signals, which are received by the GPS tracking device and then recorded.

Our Tracker is a small & light GPS tracking device that can be carried in the pocket, attached to a belt or in a briefcase or toolbox. It sends a location update every 10 seconds and has a battery life of 3-5 days with normal use.

    The company can also see that their staffs are using their time as efficiently as possible.

    GPS tracker will monitor the movements of field personnel, including:

  • Start address/Location
  • Destination address/location
  • Journey start time/Journey End Time
  • Miles traveled to each meeting.
  • Route taken
  • Start Mileage/End Mileage for each call/appointment

  • Total daily/weekly/monthly miles traveled GPS tracker also provides a number of reports that can be run either daily, weekly or monthly

  • Historical Data Report
  • Query Data by Speed
  • Running Statement
  • Daily Data Stat. Report
  • Speed Chart
  • All Alarm Report
  • Urgent Alarm Report

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