Corporate Vehicles Tracking

Managing Vehicles with a Sonik GPS Tracking System Saves Time and Money

Corporate Vehicles Tracking

Benefits of Sonik GPS Tracking System for corporate vehicles

We provide real-time internet based fleet management solution using GPS and GPRS technology, designed specifically for commercial fleets. Our software uses the internet to display a live map of the entire fleet. You can get minute-based updates for every vehicle using our software. Such precise details allow businesses to generate specific reports for their operating fleet.

Our vehicle tracking systems have been proven to help businesses optimize their fleet's performance. In fact, many vehicle managers have seen a marked difference in cost savings within days of purchasing a new Sonik GPS tracking system. Sonik GPS adds a whole new element to GPS fleet tracking with specific green features designed to reduce fuel consumption.

    Benefits of Our Corporate Vehicles Tracking System
  • Contribute to a better environment with our unique green tools: With our unique green tools, you can now play a part in improving the environment by reducing fuel consumption. It includes an online driver training module designed to coach your drivers in fuel efficient driving practices. After the training is complete, you can use our green report to monitor your driver’s improvement over time. Survey shows that driver training programs have been effective in reducing fuel consumption by an average of 5%.
  • Lower fuel costs: Tracking fleet vehicles using GPS can easily prevent drivers from excessive idling, speeding and using of your vehicles in an unauthorized manner. It also helps to improve routing and also helps reduce average fuel costs by 13%.
  • Reduce labor costs: Monitoring your drivers helps you decrease employee costs and time card abuse to a large extent. GPS truck tracking saves the average cost of one employee annually.
  • Increase productivity and profits: GPS vehicle tracking allows companies to add more jobs to each work day. Companies see a 25% increase in work orders after implementing GPS tracking systems.
  • Improve customer service: Tracking vehicles with a GPS fleet management system allows companies to provide better and speedy services to their customers.
  • Enhanced safety and security: Our GPS fleet vehicle tracking system allows users to track unsafe driving and personal use of fleet vehicles. Our system provides 24x7 live vehicle tracking. With the help of our hardware and software, your vehicle can be quickly located in case of theft.
  • Better fleet supervision: GPS vehicle tracking allows managers to keep better control of their drivers’ activities and increase productivity.
  • Quick Emergency Support Possible: In situations when it is difficult to locate where the vehicle has been parked, it can be easily tracked with the help of our GPS tracker. Also in case of breakdowns or other emergency situations, the GPS tracking mechanism can be helpful for providing quick assistance.

Today GPS tracking can be extremely beneficial in improving the services offered by a company. It can aid in different situations, starting from cutting costs to streamlining transportation and even offering emergency services. With our exceptional GPS tracking solutions, you can keep track of your business in a very effective way.

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