Government Tracking

Managing Vehicles with a Sonik GPS Tracking System Saves Time and Money

Government Vehicles Tracking

Government Vehicles Tracking System

Municipalities use Vehicle Tracking System for efficiently managing the utility services like Garbage Disposal or public transports, Water Supply and Kerosene Supply Vehicle. Fitting the Vehicle Tracking System helps the municipalities in increasing the number of trips by spotting the idle time of Garbage Collector or Water Tanker. It also helps the municipalities in improving the fuel consumption of the vehicles since Diesel issued can be linked to the distance travelled.

The Solution being offered by Sonik GPS provides the power of being able to track the dispersed vehicle fleet while sitting in the comfort of the office. It provides the added flexibility of knowing where the vehicles have been and where they are heading to.

    Why do need Sonik GPS tracking system in Govt vehicles ?
  • Real Time Fleet Tracking - Whole Fleet can be seen in real time at the locations they are on that point of time. These vehicles may be at any place on the Globe.
  • Route History: You want to know during a week or a month what all the trips your vehicle made, you can get it as a report and even track it on map for each day. This information can be handy for analyzing the routes planned and actually followed by the fleet operation.
  • Route Planning: For any individual vehicle you can see the complete route and the time sheet it followed for any time interval during last one month. By just clicking on the balloon not only it will be known where the vehicle is at any point of time, but also its speed at that time will be indicated.
  • Improve Vehicle & Passenger Security : As our system provides 24 * 7 live vehicle tracking With the help of our vehicle tracking system, your vehicle can be quickly located if it is .
  • Track lost parcels: If a customer leaves luggage, a laptop or umbrella in a taxi, a location and time are all that is needed to narrow the search to a few vehicles. GPS tracking systems record a detailed travel history.
  • Improve Public Services Government vehicles with a GPS fleet management system allows public services to perform better for public.
  • Quick Emergency Support Possible: whenever there is a requirement of location identification in case of an emergency, we are just a call away.

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