Bike Tracking

Managing Vehicles with a Sonik GPS Tracking System Saves Time and Money



Bike theft is common crimes in every city in the country. In spite of its recognition, it is still a crime that difficult to solve. Bike Tracker helps you to locate your bike globally. With just a click of a computer or mobile then can find out where your bike, how fast going.

Other features include configurable alerts for when the ignition is turned on and off, a tether switch to SMS or email specific recipients if the rider is thrown off the bike, a vibration sensor that can tell if the bike is moved without being turned on, and Geofence and speed alerts.

The Sonik GPS bike tracker has many great advantages over other industry trackers, which make it the perfect choice to use for all types of bike.

    Here are the main features and common uses -
  • Protection of your bike
  • Protect your bike from theft with motion alert capability
  • if you are unlucky and your bike is stolen the GEO fence is a secondary alert
  • In addition you also have the live tracking feature so recovery percentage is greatly enhanced
  • The Sonik GPS works just about anywhere in the world so if you are on holiday or taking part in a competition you are in control
  • Enhanced battery life
  • he tracker is small and very easy to conceal and the long battery life therefore makes covert concealment convenient
    Functionality with your sport -
  • You can track your speed and review this at any time
  • You can track your speed over distance
  • You can track your altitude
  • You can view your exact route in normal map mode, satellite mode and street view
  • The history function shows speed, direction, street, road or lat/long, altitude, distance traveled between pings etc
  • The tracker is very lightweight

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