For all Kind of Vehicles

SNK-800 For all Kind of Vehicles

Tracker has the following features and functions:
  • Collision alarm
  • 3G accelerometer
  • Tracking regularly
  • Geo-fence alarm
  • Over speed alarm
  • Low battery alarm
  • SOS emergency calling
  • SOS emergency calling
  • Low battery alarm
  • No GPS signal alarm
  • Build in 1GB memory IC
  • Internal battery 750mAH
  • Tracking by distance
  • Build in 8MB flash memory
  • GPS antenna cut off alarm
  • External power cut off alarm
  • Fuel/engine cut off remotely
  • Camera for taking photograph (optional)
  • Navigation LCD panel (optional)
  • RFID card reader (optional)
  • Tracking by SMS/GPRS (TCP/UDP)
  • Remotely monitoring or two-way communication
  • Two ways (DS18B20) temperature measurement (optional)
  • Three digital outputs, three digital inputs and two analog inputs, four RS232 ports, one RS485 port

    Power Supply DC 9-33V/1.5A
    Backup Battery Rechargeable battery 750mAH(3.7V)
    Normal Power Consumption 70mA
    Size 84 mm*66 mm*30 mm
    Weight 135g
    Operating Temperature -20 ~ + 55°C
    Humidity 5% ~ 95% (Non-Condensing)
    GSM Module Quad band GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
    GPS Sensitivity -161 dB/td>
    GPS Frequency L1, 1575.42 MHz
    C/A Code 1.023 MHz
    Channel 50 Channels
    Positional Accuracy <10M, 2D RMS
    Speed Accuracy 0.1 M/S
    Time Accuracy Satellite Time: 1 microsecond time synchronization
    Turnover Time Average 0.1s
    Hot Start Average 1s
    Warm Start Average 3s
    Cold Start Average 37s
    Maximum Altitude 18000M(Maximum 60,000 feet).
    Maximum Speed 500 m/s(Maximum 1000 knots).
    Maximum Acceleration Less than 4g
    Working Time About 7hours
    LED 3 LED Lights to show Power, GPS and GSM Status
    Button SOS button for making phone calls, sending position and giving a warning SMS
    Port 3 Digital Outputs
    3 Digital Inputs
    2 Analog Inputs
    4 RS232 Ports
    1 RS485 Ports

    Support Help Line :
    +91 8824866866 (INDIA),
    +1-877-346-6006 (US/CANADA)
    Sales: +91 9829073554, 9660094554