For all kind of Vehicles

Vehicle & Motorcycle & Personal Hybrid Tracker - SNK007

When there is no task, GPS module will be off and GSM module will be in sleep mode; When there is task(receives SMS, call or needs to send SMS alarm, etc), the device will wake up GSM module and open GPS module to work. After task is done, it will keep GSM module in sleep mode and turn off the GPS module again.

  • SOS alarm
  • Help alarm (Just for GT68/69/88/89)
  • Call for location
  • SMS Tracking
  • Low battery alarm
  • No GPS signal alarm
  • Geo-fence alarm
  • Over speed alarm
  • Surveillance mode
  • Vibration alarm
  • Track by SMS
  • Track by Calling
  • Surveillance Mode
  • Remove off Tracker Alarm
Data Output

Description: device has built in 8 M data logger, which is used for storing location data of which could not be sent out via GPRS. Users can export the data in the data logger into PC (Output file is in TXT format, see setup software instruction).

Note: the device will erase the all the data that have been exported to PC, 8 M data logger can store about 80000 data packets.

Working Mode

Set the work mode of the device (mode 1 :normal vehicle & personal mode; mode 2:personal long standby mode) A: If the device is applied to vehicle, it is better to set it to be mode 1. In mode 1:device will not consider to save power, all functions will normally work. B: If device is applied to persons, both mode 1 and mode 2 are selectable. In mode 2:device will consider to save power for extend working time and standby time. Please note some functions (geo-fence alarm, over speed alarm, no GPS signal alarm) could not normally work.

Ignition Detection

Digital input 3 (ACC) can be used for ignition detection. The detection flag and alarm (when flag changes) will be sent to the server via GPRS. Please refer to for more information.

Fuel Detection

Analog input1 (AIN1) can be used for fuel detection. The remaining-fuel-percent will be sent to the server via GPRS. Please refer to for more information.

Support Help Line :
+91 8824866866 (INDIA),
+1-877-346-6006 (US/CANADA)
Sales: +91 9829073554, 9660094554